Verification of Residence



    Each student who applies for enrollment must establish that he or she is a legal resident of the Cleveland Hill School District. This can be accomplished by the parent of the child presenting a minimum of 2 proofs of residency and a notarized information sheet.


    Examples of proof are mortgage/closing statement or copy of deed, landlord statement with fully executed lease and utility bill with name and address.


    The District will comply with the laws of New York State and Regulations of the Commissioner of Education regarding the determination of legal residence. Where residency is in question, the administration will investigate or cause to have investigated individual circumstances that result in a non-resident student being admitted to the school. Students illegally enrolled shall be removed from attendance at District schools.


    Please be aware that the submission of any false or fraudulent information to the District, in connection with a student residency determination may constitute a criminal offense and may be referred by the District to the appropriate law enforcement authorities for prosecution. In addition, the cost of providing an education to a student determined to be a non-resident will be charged at the determined rate established by State Education formulas.