Dignity for All Students Act

  • DASA Infographic

     “The whole drama is supported by the bystander. The theater can’t take place if there’s no audience.”

    (Labi, N. “Let Bullies Beware.” Time online, March 25, 2001)

    In 2010, New York State passed the Dignity For All Students Act, also know as DASA for all of the public schools in the state.  The law went in to effect in July 2012.  The law was created to make sure all students had a safe environment to attend school without harassment or discrimination. For a better understanding of what DASA is, we have included a DASA Plain Language Summary for you to read. In addition there is also a DASA PowerPoint Presentation regarding Cleveland Hill's DASA Policy. You can also read New York State DASA Brochure for addition information. There are additional links at the bottom of the page to other useful websites about DASA and anti-bullying. 

    If a student has been harassed or bullied (this does include cyber-bullying) you can download and fill out the DASA Investigation Form. You can submit it via email to the buildings DASA Coordinator or drop it off to the main office or student support office of the specific building.

    DASA Coordinators for each building are:
    Elementary School
    Brenda Wagner
    Middle School
    Patty Balthasar
    High School
    Nicholas Stapleton