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  • 2017 Unity Day & Unity Walk

    Cleveland Hill Middle School participated in Unity Day in honor of National Bullying Prevention Month. Students, teachers and staff participated in the 3rd Annual Cleveland Hill Unity Walk on Oct 25th, wearing the color orange, as they walked around the school campus to symbolize unity against bullying and to show support for students who have experienced bullying.


    6th GRADE TEAM BUILDING DAY—October 19, 2017

    Mrs. Hillyard, Mrs. Balthasar, and Ms. LaPatra, in cooperation with the 6th grade teachers, had a full day of events designed to educate the students about bullying, teasing, and harassment. They participated in activities that encourage empathy, consideration, kindness, and compassion, promoted teamwork and cooperation, and empowered students to treat each other with respect. The students worked together using cooperation, teamwork and compromise to stack cups without using their hands. The Main Street hallway was decorated with their “Walk Away From Bullying” posters. There were many valuable discussions about bullying and the students ended the day by signing anti-bullying pledges.



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    Please visit this link for great information from UB's Alberti Center for Bullying Abuse Prevention for educators, parents, kids, and teens.



    Also, please visit

    Stop Bullying.gov

    Kids Health/Bullying

    No Bullying.com


    National Bullying Prevention Center

    Common Sense

    Stop Cyberbullying

    Cyberbullying Research Center

    I Keep Safe

    Connect Safely


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