Project Achieve

  • Project Achieve: A Roadmap to Future Student Growth and Achievement

    The primary goal and objective of the Cleveland Hill UFSD is to improve student achievement and growth. During the development and presentation of the 2014 – 2015 budget and strategic plans for the district, Mr. MacSwan, Superintendent of Schools, highlighted the investment in a three year targeted professional development plan for district staff called Project Achieve. This district initiative is focused on improving teaching and learning through the proper training and equipping of staff with the tools to meet the challenges in preparing our students to meet the new learning standards. Project Achieve will focus on the following three components: Common Core Curriculum and state curriculum, Data Driven Instruction (DDI) and Decision Making, and New York Teaching Standards. Building leaders will leverage available resources to address these components in the coming school year and ensuing years as called for in the strategic planning process.

    In the elementary school, teachers will be working on the development of units and lessons that reflect the instructional shifts in the common core. This work will facilitate the opportunity for staff to vertically and horizontally align curriculum through cross grade level planning. The middle school focus will be in the area of curriculum alignment to the common core and professional development will be structured around literacy and the utilization of content area coaching. Lesson design will center on incorporation of differentiated instruction techniques and the utilization of a common language of instruction. Finally, the high school will be concentrating on exploration of Common Core Module adaptation, a review of common interim assessments for rigor, and designing lesson plans to reflect the common core shifts in math and ELA.

    Throughout the district in all buildings there will be a focus on the development of interim assessments and common formative assessments. The plan also provides for the implementation of Data Driven Instruction (DDI) and Decision Making Models to design strategic action plans for all students. Project Achieve is an ambitious and collaborative initiative that clearly provides a roadmap for success. Through the dedication and effort of the Cleveland Hill staff, plans are well underway for the coming school year and everyone is excited about the opportunity to provide the highest quality learning environment for the students of the district.